FHB Employees Congratulated 100 Veterans and Homefront Workers for the Victory Day!

In honour of the 73rd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War the bank purchased 100 food packages for the veterans under the patronage of The Council of Veterans of Kazakhstan.

During a week the bank’s employees delivered food packages and handed them over personally to veterans, homefront workers, and the economically disadvantaged pensioners.

Employees noted that due to this initiative they received opportunity to give presents to veterans in person, congratulate them and thank for the acts of bravery they performed for us. 

It is a great honor for me to participate in this event. It is a great luck to talk to people who ensured continuity of generations – said Gamal Mikhalev, Executive Director, FHB.  Unfortunately, the number of veterans is decreasing year by year, that is why we must not only remember their act, but tell our children about it – said Mikhalev.

Yevgeny Pan, Chairman of the Board, FHB, noted that the support of veterans is one of the key aspects of the bank’s corporate social responsibility.

This day we pay tribute to the memory of all the people who were involved in those tragic events. Almost in each family in Kazakhstan there is a person who participated in combat operations or worked on the homefront. Therefore we could not but pay attention to people to whom we are deeply indebted – says Yevgeny Pan. On behalf of FHB I congratulate veterans for the Great Victory Day! We will never forget the price you paid for it, - he added.

Congratulations for the Great Victory Day!