Children’s Day at First Heartland Bank!

On June 2 First Heartland Bank arranged celebration of Children’s Day for the children of the Bank’s employees. An eventful entertaining program was prepared for the little guests. 

Water make up designers transformed them into little heroes, fairies, transformers, and other characters. Some of the children even asked to paint FHB logo.

Play assistants acting as characters from The Fixies cartoon prepared program with contests, dances and guessing games for children. Treats for children were provided as well: fruits, beverages, and cotton candies.

The major attraction was 3 meter high Tyrannosaurus Rex who gave festive mood and many positive emotions to the children despite its considerable size and terrible roar.

In the end play assistants explained and demonstrated to the children the way chemical and physical laws operate.

And certainly there were presents! All the children at the festival received kid paints sets and tasty surprises from FHB!

Several weeks before the festival the bank arranged children’s drawings contest – My Dad/Mom is a Banker for the children of the bank’s employees

We wanted to learn the way children see their parents at work. We were very glad that so many children from different cities wanted to take part - says David Mashuri, FHB Independent Director. Several days before the children’s festival we installed a stand with children’s drawings in the lounge of Almaty branch office, which beautified the bank for a long while – he also said.

Smiles and adoring looks are the best evidence of successful celebration!